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21st International Colloquium Tribology

Industrial and Automotive Lubrication

Call for Papers

Europe’s largest international conference on tribology and lubrication

Enhancing the efficiency and durability of machines by controlling friction and wear is receiving an enormous and increasing significance in modern industrial applications.  New stringent environmental legislations oblige companies and OEMs to enhance the efficiency of products to comply with higher loads, lower viscosities and restricted lubricant ingredients. To efficiently address this demand, the clever combination of design methodologies, new materials, modern lubricants and additives have to be realised. New lubricants and additives have to be tailored for new materials and the other way round the lubricants and additives have to be considered as design criteria.  
The Programme Planning Committee of the 21st international Colloquium Tribology, as one of the world-wide largest international conferences in Tribology, is attempting the goal to provide a forum for technical and scientific exchange between lubricant and additive manufacturers, automotive OEMs, component manufacturers, suppliers, research organizations and universities.

Main Subjects

Lubricants and Additives
> Additives, Lubricants and Synthetic Lubrication
> Environmentally friendly Lubricants
> Lubricating Greases and Solid Lubricants
> Hydraulic, Turbine and Compressor Fluids
> Food-Grade Lubricants
> Complex Fluids and Rheology
> Ionic Liquids

Metalworking Fluids
> New standards and specifications
> Environmental considerations

Automotive Tribology and Lubrication
> Gasoline and Diesel Engines
> Fuel-Economy of Engines and Powertrains
> Loss and CO2 Reduction in Engines
> Cryotribology

Tribology of Machine Elements and Industrial Tribology
> Gears and Transmission Lubrication
> Roller Bearing Tribology
> Tribology in Fluid Power Systems
> Lubrication Challenges of Wind Turbines
> Tribology of Sealing Systems
> Computational Tribology and Uncertainity
> Gas Bearings
> Tribological Reliability

Condition Monitoring
> Particle and Contamination Identification
> Advanced Filtering Techniques
> Condition Monitoring and Internet of Things

Surface and Material Science
> Wear and Wear Protection
> Coatings and Reduction of Friction and Wear
> Tribology of Plastic and Composite Materials
> Tribochemistry and Surface Analytical Techniques

Fundamentals of Tribology
> Fundamentals of Friction, Adhesion and Wear
> Contact Mechanic of Rough Surfaces
> Surface Metrology and Characterization

Tribological Testing
> Novel Measurement Techniques
> Design of Experiments in Tribology
> Scaling up Techniques from Tribological Bench Tests to Machine Scale Tests
> RNT Techniques


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Datum: Dienstag, 9. Januar 2018
Ort: Ostfildern, An der Akademie 5
Preis: auf Anfrage
Dauer: 3 Tage
Anmeldung bis: 04.01.2018


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