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Being assertive is one of the most important skills a high performer can have. In everyday communication at work, assertiveness is crucial when delegating, chairing, negotiating, motivating, selling, leading, managing conflict, disagreeing and creating win-win solutions.

This two-day workshop is an interactive and dynamic training experience aimed at team members and leaders who need to communicate and mediate in conflict situations. It is also aimed at high performers who experience potentially difficult or challenging relations at work, and are under pressure. Ultimately this workshops objective is to ease communication among team members in any given organisational level.

This workshop concentrates on building up true assertiveness and conflict resolution skills. Regardless of the position the participant holds, he/she will be able to communicate and get the point across in a firm, concise and empowering manner.

For more information, to express your interest in this topic, or to register, please e-mail info@myBlueSky.ch.

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Dauer: From 2 hours to two days


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