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CAS Biometrics & Privacy

Certificate of Advances Studies (CAS) in Biometrics & Privacy (12 ECTS)

Biometrics includes all data generated by the measurement and statistical analysis of peoples’ physical, behavioural and technical characteristics: fingerprints, faces, irises, or passwords, photos and documents recorded on various devices (medical files and bank statements among others).

The goal of this Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) is to teach concepts and technologies in the area of Biometrics and Privacy and provide students with a full understanding of data protection, privacy preservation, compliance with privacy regulations and potential privacy losses.

Teaching methods / Language
The programme is designed for professionals and can be attended in conjunction with full-time work.

The CAS Biometrics is a 100% distance learning programme. The course consists of assignments published on a distance learning platform, homework, online support and virtual classes. The participants can work where they wish: at home, at the office or on a plane. There is no need to be present in a classroom at any given date.

The teaching language is English.

Admission requirements
Candidates for admission must satisfy the following requirements:

  • higher education diploma (university or equivalent) and/or
  • at least three years relevant professional training or experience
  • proficiency in English

Personal investment
approx. 50 hours/module

Beginning of de programme
3 x per year (January, April, September)

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Datum: Dienstag, 1. Januar 2019
Ort: online
Preis: CHF 1400.00
Dauer: min. 3 month, max. 12 month


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