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Corporate Governance for Chinese Companies

As more and more Chinese companies dr ive the internationalization of their businesses, the number of China-backed investments into Swiss companies have increased over the years. The effective governance of such investments has turned out to be a major value dr iver. This requires from all, investors, board members and top management of these companies to be full y aware of the legal corporate governance requirements as well as having a clear view of how to drive board effectiveness in such a context.


Members of the Board of Director s (BoD) and Top Management Teams of Chinese Companies investing in Switzerland and current and future Chairpersons and Members of the BoDs and CEOs of Swiss companies with Chinese in vestors


Doris Albisser, EurAsia Competence AG, Leading Partner and Vice-Chairman

Dr. Philipp BoksbergerCEO and President of the Zur ich Institute of Business Education (CEIBS Zur ich Campus)

Prof. Dr. Yuan Ding, Professor of Accounting, Vice President and Dean of the China Europe Inter national Business School (CEIBS)

Prof. Dr. Mar tin Hilb, Founder and Chairman of the Board Foundation and its Swiss Board School and of the Swiss Institute of Director s

Prof. Dr. Michael Hilb, Titular Professor, University of Fribourg and Entrepreneur, DBP Holding Ltd.

Dr. Roland Maurhofer, Chief Legal Officer of Gategroup Holding Ltd.

Prof. Dr. Roland Müller, Titular Professor, Universities of Berne and St.Gallen and Chair man of the Financial Market Authorities of Liechtenstein and of Trisa Ebnat Ltd.

Dr. Esther Nägeli, LL.M., MBA, President of the Swiss-Hong Kong Business Association and Lecturer for Chinese Business Law, University of Zurich


Swiss Board School am IMP-HSG
St. Gallen
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Datum: Montag, 8. Oktober 2018
Ort: Zürich, Radisson Blu Hotel, ZH-Flgh.
Preis: CHF 950.00
Dauer: 09:00 – 18:00
Anmeldung bis: 01.10.2018


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