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Developmental Coaching: Theory and Methods

Tatiana Bachkirova, Professor at the Oxford Brookes University (UK), published in 2011 a theory of Developmental Coaching that takes into account psychological evolution of coaching clients. Since then, she has been working on the practical approach and methods of coaching that this theory embodies, making sure that these methods are also supported by the most recent research and ideas in coaching and other relevant fields.

In this workshop the participants will engage with many of these methods. They will experiment with them taking into consideration the diversity of our clients that is associated with their developmental needs. These methods include ‘working with multiplicity of self’ and ‘working with the “elephant”' (unconscious, habitual, but also spontaneous and creative expressions of the whole organism).

This experiential two-day workshop will be most suitable for experienced coaches who are keen to work with the whole person of their clients and are ready to stretch themselves beyond established coaching practices.

Robert Wegener, lic. ès sc. pol., MA HC
T+41 62 957 21 53

Florinda Wagner-Cucci
T +41 62 957 20 41


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