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Diagnosing and Overturning Immunities to Change

Diagnosing and Overturning Immunities to Change™: A Methodology for Individual and Organizational Growth Workshop with Debora Helsing (B19) — Deutsch

“Why do people say it’s so hard to quit smoking? Hell, I’ve done it hundreds of times myself!”
- often attributed to Mark Twain

Why is change so difficult, even when we are genuinely committed to it? How can we do a better job (regarding our own aspirations, and supporting those of other people we hope to help) closing the gap between what we intend and what we are actually able to bring about? Being able to do what you intend often is not primarily a matter of having a big enough pay-off, or a great enough sense of urgency. It is primarily about uncovering a hidden mechanism in your mind, a psychological immune system. Uncovering this immune system and overturning it allows people to make the lasting improvements they seek. Deborah Helsing, a Harvard-trained, adult-developmental psychologist and Co-Director of Minds at Work will lead an experiential and interactive workshop that will give you the chance to explore new concepts and practices directed exactly to these questions.

In the morning, we’ll explore how diagnosing and overturning an Immunity to Change™ (ITC) can lead to lasting and transformational growth for individuals, using yourself and your own change-goals as a “first-person case study.” Come to the workshop with a personal improvement goal that is of high interest and importance to you. You may want to ask for input from people who know you well and have your best interests at heart.

In the afternoon, we’ll focus on how this tool can be used “at scale” in two ways. First, we’ll see how coaches and consultants can use the ITC digital platform to create a coaching culture and support the growth of large numbers of employees. As individuals learn and grow, they enhance organizational performance and productivity. Second, we’ll explore how collectives (teams, divisions, and even organizations) can diagnose and overturn their collective psychological immune systems. They commit to improvements they genuinely want and need to make in order to increase their effectiveness, and yet they act contrary to those intentions. The ITC methodology can help consultants enable large-scale transformational change in teams and organizations.

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