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Essentials of Project Management



You have initial practical experience in project management and are fully aware of the demands and challenges projects entail. You wish to acquire more specialized knowledge to be able to professionalize the planning and execution of your projects. It is important to you to navigate successfully within set time and cost boundaries.

Target Groups

Project managers and team members

Internal and external consultants

Business Analysts and System Engineers

Managers and staff from the concerning departments

PMP candidates


Project are unique, new, complex and company spanning ventures. Therefore they are extremely demanding for those people involved. Hence tools and techniques are crucial in order to navigate within the set time and cost boundaries.

In this SGO Business School seminar (3 days) the basics of project management will be put across to you. You will gain an overview of all methods and techniques in project management. You will be able to estimate the complexity of demands in connection with your project. You will be acquainted with the critical success factors in relation with the line organisation. You will learn how to set up a detailed and specific project charter. After having attended this module you will be able to judge your current state of knowledge.

This seminar and the seminar literature are in English.


  • projects and functions of project management
  • project organisation
  • process models
  • initiation and planning process of communication management
  • planning processes of scope management
  • create a work breakdown structure
  • planning processes of time management
  • fundaments of Quality Management
  • planning processes of cost management
  • risk management
  • executing, monitoring and controlling of projects
  • communication management
  • close of project or phase


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Ort: Glattbrugg, Flughofstrasse 50
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