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German for Foreigners A1A2B1 Daily Classes

Goal / Content of the course
The basic structures of German grammar are introduced systematically. The curriculum comprises grammar, exercises, dictation, conversation, reading and listening comprehension. There is also a language-lab in which students can improve their oral skills during one hour per day. There are courses at 3 levels of difficulty. The student who attends classes regularly and reviews what he has learnt in class will be able to express himself in German in everyday life (without having to use his mother tongue or any other foreign language). After attending the first three levels, the student has the option to prepare himself for the "Goethe" diploma in further courses. After successful completion of the basic courses, all participants have the opportunity to continue in an evening course in order to be prepared for an internationally recognised “Goethe”-certificate examination. Take advantage of our long-term experience in this area.


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Datum: Montag, 20. Juni 2016
Ort: 8406 Winterthur, Technoparkstrasse 5
Preis: CHF 2860.00
Code: SPR0219_200616_WT
Dauer: 300 Lektion(en)


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