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Microinsurance is the provision of low-cost and simple insurance services to low-income populations in developing countries. These population segments are typically excluded from mainstream insurance markets and functioning social security networks. If this large population’s need for insurance by can be turned into demand and then satisfied, microinsurance has the potential to contribute considerably to poverty reduction and improvement of living and working conditions. In the last few years, experiences with microinsurance schemes, ranging from agricultural via health to life insurance products, have multiplied. Some of the global commercial insurers, as well as microinsurance experts and development agencies, have entered this market. This course explores concepts and actions to develop insurance services and the relationships between coverage, customer acceptance, and financial outcomes for the insurance provider by means of a review of the theory and practice of microinsurance, and a practical simulation tool.

The course is designed for organizations that support the development of microinsurance. The target audience includes people who are considering establishing microinsurance schemes, staff of microinsurance companies, established insurance companies that are considering entering the microinsurance market, regulators, policy makers and those working in microfinance.


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