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NSR Neuro Somatic reprogramming  - 
"The Science of Sustainable Neurological Empowerment"

NSR Methodology & Techniques

Transformation of the self occurs through systematically working through the body

The NSR integrative body-mind approach offers a much speedier resolution to physical, mental and emotional issues because both cognitive and somatic components of our experience are taken into account.

The NSR Reprogramming Techniques cause a ‘mechanical signal’ across the connective tissue that balances muscular contractions and tensions, supports protein synthesis, changes gene expression and stimulates communication and cleansing between different cell types.

The NSR Neuro Empowerment exercise series increase cell vitality, function and the ability to send and receive signals to other cells. These techniques have been proven to cause sustainable positive changes of the extracellular matrix including vascular, immune, nervous cells and regenerative cells. 

So by receiving NSR Techniques, you are not only supporting your current energy flow and cellular health, but you are changing the future health of your body. 

«increase cell vitality»

More information

Sebastian has a Certificate in Osteopathy, Diploma in Psychology, Neurological Detox & Nutrition Coach (ASO), Yoga Teacher Certification (ISO India), founder of NSR Academy, Switzerland.



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Datum: Freitag, 29. Juni 2018
Ort: Weggis, Zinnenstrasse 7
Preis: Fr. 590.00 inkl. Mittagessen
Dauer: 3 Tage
Anmeldung bis: 25.06.2018
ReferentIn: Sebastian Bartu C.O.


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