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Self-management in Projects

About the topic
Project management methodology becomes even more effective if personal goals are derived from project goals. All participants have to know their priorities and to protect them against the other various demands of the organisation. This requires high personal competence including especially the ability of personal work planning and effective work techniques but as well handling stress or the courage to say no.

Who should attend the seminar?
Project managers and project staff from private sector, non-profit organisations and administrations. A prerequisite for participation is the knowledge of the seminar «Project Management – methodology and tools» or similar.

Your Benefits                                                                                                                                                                                      Self-management in projects will empower you:

  • to better deal with the contradictions and tensions in project situations
  • to recognise and protect own limits
  • to lead yourself effectively and efficiently during your project work
  • to efficiently deal with the flood of information and to keep the priorities in view
  • to optimize your personal work technique
  • to support your decisions with an appropriate decision-making method
  • to increase your capacity by developing resilience
Your company's benefit                                                                                               Persons involved in the project can bring in line their personal priorities with the requirements of the project work. Dilemmas and contradictions are recognised at the source in order to develop constructive solutions.


  • Personal challenges in project work
  • Time management matrix: distinguish between urgency and importance
  • Personal perspectives, goals, and priorities
  • Handling personal change
  • Personal work planning
  • Dealing with information flood
  • Personal work technique, time thieves and procrastination
  • Decision-making methods and “say no”
  • Psychological contract and resilience
Methods                                                                                                                                                                                            The seminar takes place in two parts: During the first two days the basics with short presentations, partner and group work, and self-tests are being developed. Through transfer work between the two parts commitment is increased in the personal implementation of the lessons learned. Based on that, the topics for the third day are condensed and focused on individual needs.



Dieser Kurs hat bereits stattgefunden.
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Datum: Donnerstag, 8. September 2016
Ort: OBC Zürich, 8021 Zürich
Preis: CHF 3150.00
Dauer: 3 days
Anmeldung bis: 05.09.2016
ReferentIn: Christian Bachmann


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