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SVEB Certificate (in English) - Zürich

Details and contact:
- www.ausbilder.ch
- info@lernwerkstatt.ch
- Phone 062 291 10 10

Your Lernwerkstatt benefits
- We guarantee that your course will be held
- Course and course documentation in English

More and more trainers are required to have it, over 31,000 already do: The SVEB Certificate (Certificate of the Swiss Federation for Adult Education SVEB/FSEA), recognised throughout Switzerland, forms the foundation of and serves as an entryway to further education in Switzerland. By completing this course, you will demonstrate that you are capable of professionally preparing and carrying out training events!

The acknowledged Lernwerkstatt team of course leaders will guide you through your course, systematically enriching your knowledge and skills by directly drawing on Needs and experiences from their own professional fields of learning and hence ensuring Close ties with practice. The cooperation between the course leaders and the attendees, as we understand it, is an open(-minded) partnership. The diversity of our team will be highly beneficial to you.

Content Module 1 (SVEB Certificate)
Being capable of preparing, carrying out and evaluating training events with adults in one's area of expertise, using pre-defined concepts, lesson plans and teaching materials.

Who attends the course?
Those interested in acquiring the SVEB Certificate intend to gather the knowledge and skills necessary to professionally prepare, conduct and evaluate training Events with adults in their area of expertise.
Occupations/positions include:
- In-company and in-organisation trainers
- Vocational trainers
- Line managers and employees working as trainers
- HR specialists
- Course leaders in educational institutions
- Persons interested in getting into adult education

What should one bring along?
- A keen interest in teaching and learning
- Ideally, currently holding a training position in the industry or in an educational


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Datum: Freitag, 14. September 2018
Ort: Zürich, Zürich
Preis: CHF 4230.00
Dauer: 14 Tag(e)


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