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Vision Quest, English spoken

Vision Quest

The vision quest is a retreat and pausing from everyday life. At times when major changes or crises in life occur or a new orientation in life is due, a vision quest may help to let go of things and past events, in order to make way for new impulses. The vision quest is a confrontation with oneself, with solitude and the power of nature. The decision for a vision quest in the Swiss Alps is a very special opportunity to connect on a deep and personal level with life, nature and the spirit of the mountains.

Ready to take the Challenges, Life has given you?

To understand life as an ongoing, constant challenge, asks for an interaction between heart, body, mind, and soul. A vision quest is about clearing the mind and nourishing the heart. It‘s meeting the unknown, feeding a different kind of hunger and thirst. All cultures have long traditions with these things. This is what many men and women want to touch: To go beyond the world they know and to become more the person they are!

The vision quest can be seen as a type of birthing experience. There is a death of the old and a birth of the new. It is a reconnecting with what is basic, beyond all the concepts and structures we put around everything. While you are alone in the heart of nature of the Swiss mountains, without food and a bare minimum of equipment, you might ponder questions like: „Who am I?“ „Where do I come from?“ and „What is my intent?“

Preparation, Solitude, Integration

The classic vision quest for adults is open to anyone. It lasts 13 to 14 days - 4 or 5 days of preparation, 4 days and nights fasting alone in a wilderness place and 4 days of integration into your everyday life. We will start around noon, August 1, 2017.


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Datum: Dienstag, 1. August 2017
Ort: Mon, Veia Principala
Preis: CHF 1400.-
Dauer: 13 Tage
Anmeldung bis: 28.07.2017
ReferentIn: Yvonne Läubli, Martin Meier


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