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Writing Coaching and Media Training in English ...

Scientists from all over the world are increasingly expected to write about their research and explain it on radio and TV in an easily understandable way in English. Science has become more popular and part of everyday news. So you will be expected to write about your subject in an interesting and accessible way and with limited space available; and in the age of 24-hour news, radio and TV broadcasters are looking to you to explain complex issues concisely, in a way that allows audiences to relate your research to their everyday lives. This two-day course and workshop, held exclusively in English, aims to give you the tools and the confidence to meet these challenges.The first day will focus on writing. You will be introduced to the specifics of writing in English, and we will contrast how scientists and journalist write. In a series of practical exercises, we will take your scientific texts and examine how journalists would treat them. We will look at how you yourself would write an article, a press release or even an advert, concisely and with clarity, always with the general reader in mind. The second day will focus on radio and TV. We will look at how interviews are conducted in the English speaking world, where styles differ from those in other languages. Interviews in English tend to be tougher, but they can also be more popular and conversational. The more familiar you are with these peculiarities, the easier you'll find it to talk to the media in English and capture the public's attention. There will be plenty of exercises in the MAZ studio.There are specific conventions when it comes to dealing with journalists, and we will look at your possible concerns and rights, with practical advice.


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Datum: Montag, 19. Juni 2017
Ort: Luzern, Murbacherstrasse3
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